Student Storage Frequently Asked Questions


What if I decide to store more/less items after ordering? [Top]

When you order, you are given a price for the amount you want to store. If this changes, it is not a problem. When we collect your items, we recalculate how much your storage will cost if your order has changed, and you will be charged the new amount. The final amount you are charged is on the receipt that you are given by the collection team.

Can I use my own boxes for storage? [Top]

If you wish to use your own boxes that is no problem, a price will be given for the size of box.

How much weight can our boxes take? [Top]

All boxes have a maximum weight allowance of 20kgs. If the collection team feel that the box has been over packed, they will ask you to use another box to lighten the load. This is for your benefit – an over loaded box will damage much easier, and is more likely to tear.

If I don’t use all the free boxes I order, can I return the unused ones? [Top]

If you find that your belongings fit into fewer boxes than you expected, we will take back any unused boxes as long as they have not been assembled.

What if I need access to my stuff before the start of term? [Top]

You must contact student storage at least 14 days before you wish to access your belongings as I may be unavailable through holidays and will need to make the necessary arrangements

Do I have to label the boxes? [Top]

Yes. We ask that you complete the labels provided and attach to the top of each box. If you wish to put your name on the box, with the marker pen that is okay.

I have a portable T.V. / Hi Fi System to store. Can I pack it in the original box? [Top]

Yes, by all means. However, a 14” TV will be charged at normal rate, and a larger TV please contact for prices.

Where will you store my belongings? [Top]

Your belongings are normally stored at the owners private house in Stockton on Tees. In the event of more space required then they will be stores at a storage facility close to your university. This facility is fitted with CCTV, 24 hour, 7 days a week manned security, security lights, and high security perimeter fencing. We do not give out the exact location of our storage unit for security reasons but we can provide more information to customers on request. Our units are secure against all weather conditions.

Why are you so much cheaper than the other companies? [Top]

We save ourselves a lot of money by dealing with customers personally and we pass these savings on to you. Also, we only rent our storage space during the summer, unlike the other storage companies, so you are not subsidising empty storage for the rest of the year.

Will my property be insured? [Top]

We have found that most people prefer to pay a competitive price for easy to use storage and then to make their own arrangements for insurance if they want to. We keep our storage as simple and as easy to use as possible. Also, if we provided insurance we would need to keep an inventory of contents. This would reduce the flexibility of your storage and increase costs.

How can we be contacted? [Top]

Please see our contact page for phone numbers and email addresses.