About Gordon Howes Student Services/Summer storage

Hello! My name is Gordon Howes and I am a landlord specialising in Durham University student accommodation in the Stockton and Thornaby area of Teesside. I specialise in International students renting my houses and to date I have had about 200 Chinese students in my houses in the past 20 yrs since 1998

1. LOW DEPOSIT- A deposit of £100 is required from each student unlike other landlords charging much more
2. Gordon Howes is the largest small private landlord at Queens Campus
3.The landlord is very approachable and specialises in International students
4. Only landlord at Durham University Queens Campus on WeChat!!

My houses cater from a 1 bedroom apartment to 6 bed 7 bed and 8 bed student houses.

I have lived in the Stockton and Thornaby area all my life and have been a landlord since 1998. All my properties are compliant with DSU requirements and EU legislation. If that wasn’t enough you can contact me any time if you have any problems. I am always approachable and as you’ll find out a mine of information!

All of my properties are located close to Queens Campus so students are always within a 15 minutes walk to lectures.

I operate a student storage service over the summer months for students wanting to store their luggage and boxes over the summer. I am probably the cheapest storage around,and local.